What is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is a system of medicine that has been used worldwide for over 200 years.  Homeopathic remedies are natural and non-toxic, so the risk of side-effects is minimal. They are completely safe for babies & children and during pregnancy.


Because no two people experience the same illness in precisely the same way, your homeopath will carefully select specific medicines for your individual symptoms.


Homeopathy is holistic therapy – so it addresses simultaneously the physical, mental and emotional facets of a person's health.  For those on a spiritual path, homeopathy is helpful in developing self-awareness, wisdom and compassion and in finding inner peace.


Why Choose Homeopathy?

Your health is precious beyond measure, affecting your quality of life more than anything else. Homeopathy helps you to achieve your optimum level of well-being.

Homeopathy can improve sleep quality, energy levels and physical vitality.  Positive changes in mood and outlook are also commonly reported, enabling you better to cope with life's challenges.

Homeopathy aims to strengthen the immune system, which may reduce dependence on pharmacological drugs.  It also works well alongside conventional medicine and can relieve uncomfortable side-effects.

Homeopathy is beneficial in alleviating certain chronic medical conditions and unexplained pain.

Is homeopathy​​​​ right for me?
Experience it and judge for yourself!
If you are considering trying homeopathy and are unsure as to whether it could help with your particular health issues, feel free to contact me for an informal chat before booking an appointment.  Also, see what some of my clients have to say - please click on Testimonials above.
Learn about Homeopathy​​​​
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